Special Cantonese Dishes

(with White Rice)

104.  Subgum Wonton
Wonton, lobster, chicken & pork with vegetable.
105.  Seafood Delight
Lobster, jumbo shrimp, fresh scallops, crabmeat, sauteed broccoli, straw mushrooms, snow peas, bamboo shoots, baby corn in house special white sauce.
106.  Hawaii Five "O"
Chunk of scallops, lobster meat, roast pork, chicken & jumbo shrimp pan fried together then sauteed with Chinese vegetables, mushrooms, South Pacific famous cuisine.
107.  Lake Tung Ting Shrimp
Large whole shrimp sauteed with broccoli, straw mushroom & bamboo shoots in a delicious white wine sauce.
108.  Triple Royal Delights
Sliced roast pork, chicken, beef with mushrooms, snow peas, baby corn, bamboo shoots & house special sauce.
109.  Sam Gai Tai
Shrimp, chicken, pork sauteed with snow peas, mushrooms, bamboo shoots & Chinese vegetables.
110.  Four Seasons
Beef, shrimp, chicken, roast pork sauteed w. snow peas, mushrooms & carrots in brown sc.
111.  Happy Family
Lobster, jumbo shrimp, crab meat, chicken, roast pork & beef with Chinese mushrooms broccoli, snow peas, bamboo shoots with Chef’s special sauce
112.  Scallops with Shrimp
Fresh scallops & shrimp sauteed with broccoli, waterchestnuts, straw mushrooms served in our special seafood sauce.
113.  Boneless Chicken $12.00
114.  Diced Chicken w. Cashew Nuts $12.50
115.  Lemon Chicken $11.80
116.  Shrimp with Cashew Nuts $14.00
117.  Butterfly Shrimp with Bacon $13.50
118.  Scallops with Cashew Nuts $14.00